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Ready to Date?

Whether you’re contemplating re-entering the dating scene or already using online dating sites. Over the months I will be compiling some useful information which may be of use to you, including helpful tips, articles and recommending companies to assist you on your journey.

Tony Cobley








At my home in Buckfastleigh I have a small photo studio and large semi-woodland garden so lots of portrait styles can be achieved in one place.

All shots are very relaxed and there’s no hurry to get the perfect shot straight away, Tony will show the images as you go along and you can try different options, outfits, hair, etc.


  • Option 1:

Studio portrait shoot – lots of different colour backgrounds to choose from with at least 10 final images to keep: £185.00


  • Option 2:

Garden portrait shoot – outdoor shoot in the garden and by the trees with at least 10 final images to keep: £185.00


  • Option 3:

Studio and garden shoot – both of the above with at least 20 final images to keep: £295.00


  • Any other location can also be visited if you prefer. Just let me know where and I’ll provide a bespoke price.


You get digital image files in via a Dropbox download link, a folder of full res’ JPEGS and a folder of medium re’ JPEGs.

These images have been “culled” and post produced to ensure all shots are of the best quality.

So you’ll have exactly what you need for anything on-line and also to print from if you wish.

You get a perpetual, unlimited usage license so there’s no restriction what you do with the images!

Payment is via BACS, you’ll bet an invoice with bank details with the completed images email.

You can see relevant examples via this Dropbox link Examples for Zest or at People Photography on Tony's Website

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