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About Sarah

I'm Sarah Briggs, the Founder and Owner of Zest Singles.

I'm passionate about customer service, and a natural 'people connector'.

I believe life is about enjoying time with others and creating new friendships.

My Story.

At 13 I decided I wanted to become a Hotel Manager, I left school at 16 and started out in life studying Hotel Management. I then pursued a variety of careers and have loved spending a lifetime in customer service roles, working for private and corporate businesses in the UK and Overseas, and running my own businesses. 

At the beginning of the first lockdown in March 2020, I found myself single and decided to go online to find love!


Shortly after attending my first online singles event, I began freelancing for the owner of the company, organising and running virtual and in-person events when Covid restrictions permitted. Despite the difficulties of this time, I was able to flourish and grow, drawing upon my lifetime of experience and passion for customer service.

Two and half years later, having created over 450 events, I was presented with the opportunity to acquire the social events side of the dating agency. I jumped at the chance of being able to continue running the events and doing what I love!

Zest Singles was formed in November 2022. The name comes from my love of having a 'Zest for Life'!

I have a passion for people and bringing them together. Being a hostess comes naturally to me, along with my warm and friendly personality I have been told that I always create a welcoming, inclusive and fun atmosphere at every event.

I have two wonderful grown-up sons and two adorable grandchildren. In my spare time I will be found walking in nature, entertaining and meeting up with family and friends. I have an appreciation of good food, wine and love cheese!

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